Welcome to Num Num Farms

We are a sustainable farm located in Mountain Grove, Virginia which is in the Alleghany Highlands of Bath County, Virginia. Not too far from the West Virginia state line! We keep rare and heritage breeds of sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and rabbits with an emphasis on good eats and value added products. We also do our best to produce top quality produce and herbs!

Please take you time and look around! And as always! If you want any good num nums to eat or have questions please contact us! Thanks! Here’s to great Num Nums!

Looking for New Homes

Don’t be shy! These gals should be excellent milk producers. 6-9 months old. Up to date on CDT and worming. They are all pasture grazing with mininal hay input.

Been a while

Photo by High Alleghanies Photography

Well, it has been a LONG while since I’ve sat down and posted here 🙂 but last year reminds me of this picture our friend Jeremy Cutlip took of the original home on our property during the covid lockdowns… cold and empty and well, a picture is worth a thousand words right? We spent the year 2020 scrambling to keep our farm going like many other farmers did and still have to. We made choices and decisions just like everyone else. But! here we are! still standing and ready to move forward with covid in the review mirror! We are excited that farmers markets are back open, that we have found a place to get hog and goat meat processed sooner rather than later (meaning our shares are back on the table for dinner!) We have started back up breeding Silver Fox rabbits for the most delicious rabbit you have yet to try and to begin offering them for sale for your own breeding program. We still have our pastured eggs, seasonal veggies and pasture raised chicken for sale along with delicious jams, sauces and well, whatever my creative mind comes up with! Including some delicious ways to eat ramps! Still working on our store front here but in the meantime you can visit our Etsy store to get started! Standy by! Visit us here: Good Eats by NumNumFarms on Etsy

Cornish Game Hens!

One thing we enjoy doing is being able to provide for ourselves and others. This is the first year of doing Cornish Game Hens here on Num Num Farms. 1 lb delicious young, succulent Num Nums! We do all the work by hand right here on the farm. See, we know and understand what big ag or factory farms are like which isn’t very healthy for us, you or the chicken. This is what is going to be on OUR dinner table tonight, pastured Cornish Game hens brought up on chemical free land, grass and grains without antibiotics. What’s going to be on your table tonight?

Its Hatch Day!

Always exciting when new life is born on Num Num Farms…this weekend its been Serama (little lawn ornaments that think they are real chickens!) and now new Bresse are hatching. Some we will keep for our flock and others will be grown out on pasture and then fed out for mouth watering chicken on the dinner plate! Did you know the Bresse chicken is considered the worlds best tasting chicken? Find out more here. Oh! and we sell chicks and hatching eggs too! For more information on our chicks and eggs please visit here. To buy a Bresse for you dinner table, please contact us!