On Our Farm

At Num Num Farms we strive to keep rare, heritage and landrace breeds alive and thriving and to share with the world. Many of the animals we have are in fact, endangered and listed on the Livestock Conservancy lists.

If you would like to know more about what landrace, heritage and endangered means, please visit this page.

Rare, Heritage and Landrace Chickens

We keep several different types of chickens here at Num Num Farms and in fact, chickens were how we got our start! From the very rare and landrace breeds to a rare heritage breed. We have something for everyone! Icelandics, Svart Hona, 55 Flowery Hens, Black Australorps, Hmong and new to us in 2020 we have added Sanjak Longcrowers and Denizli Longcrowers from Turkey. And just added in 2021 pure Malay chickens. Long crowers are a landrace heritage breeds that just so happen to crow a long time! Please visit this page to find out about each unique landrace and breed we keep! HERE

Interested in farm fresh eggs or hatching eggs? Please visit our product page or contact us.

Ossabaw Island Hogs and Tamworth

baby Ossabaw Island Hog piglets

At Num Num Farms we keep some of the most critically endangered hogs in the United States. Primarily Ossabaw Island Hogs. We bought our first breeding pair from Sylvanqua Farms in Charlottesville, Va in 2017 and have been hooked on the Ossabaw ever since! We have since added a Tamworth sow and boer. We only have a few hogs on our farm since we concentrate on good care but they are all good natured and good producers who love to be petted! For more information on the breeds please visit.


In 2019 we added goats and currently have a herd of about 20. Boer, Mytonic, Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf and Oberhasli. Many of our goats produce excellent cashmere. We do offer a herd share if interested. Please visit our product page or contact us about a herd share which can include milk, cheese and meat!

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